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Proffesional studio services

Your song needs a human touch


congratulations and welcome to AMPG studios !

after putiing alot of hard work writing composing producing your music

you have reched to the final stage before releasing your song .
mixing and mastering  contribiue to bring your vision to life ,and get your music to sound better than ever ..

music sounds better with a human touch so we do not believe in shortcuts and we know  from experience and from our clients that professional audio engineer get better results comparing to AI software

Compete with other tracks out there make your track louder  ,wider if needed more crisp and more full of life mixing and mastering a song is very important step in music production .

AMPG  team


About us

AMPG  was establish in 2006 by Michael assoulin audio engineering and music production graduate as a music production facilety, recording , mixing & mastering services

We use analogue and the latest digital gear to bring the best of a any recording

professional studio with trained engineer  tools and knowledge to serve the artist vision

Some of clients are record copmanies , producers and independent artists .


The tools we use

Over the years we acquired the gear and the knowledge to  produce a song the right way .

Evey song get M/S prossesing level enhancement

The right  gear and plugins .

Monitors – ADAM S3X-H , KRK rokit 5 , Boss

Headphones bayerdynamic DT 770pro & DT 1990

Compressors – Shadowhill , millenia , SSL..

EQ -Bettermaker , Ameq , SSL , neve…

Why choose AMPG

  1. professional studio  
  2. Trained  audio engineer
  3. Radio ready master
  4. direct engineer support
  5. Fast project delivery
  6. Analogue and digital gear
  7. years of experience
  8. affordable prices
  9. Any style Any genre
  10. Free sample [mastering]

The process

  • Phase correction
  • Corrective EQ M/S
  • Compression M/S
  • Harmonic excitation
  • Widening the mix
  • Adjustment to CD/media
  • Limiting
  • Dithering

AMPG studios services

audio technician

audio mixing

With 15 years of experience and some of the best
gear in the game,  AMPG studios provides high quality digital and analog mixing for indie artists producers and record labels

Song Mastering

The finel touch after mixing the song and before releasing the song to the world this process is very crucial to engage the listeners and promote your music


Stem mastering

Stem means tracks this allow us the get into more details and get more sonic qualety from a recording check out our deals for mastering your song using stems

how it works


Before sending your files

  1. Double check the recording
  2. make sure there is no clipping
  3. peak level at max  -5db
  4. dont upscale bit & sample rate
  5. wave files are better quality
  6. remove master bus limiting

contact us for more info


Book & upload

Select options from the pricing page

  1. Choose service
  2. The destination streaming or cd
  3. What is streaming service
  4. select extra formats if needed
  5. upload your files
  6. upload refence [recommended]

Learn more about mastering for streaming

receive and approve

  1. mastering delivery up to 5 days
  2. you will recive hi res file to listen
  3. you approve or ask for revision
  4. you get 3 free revision
  5. revision takes up to 3 days
  6. After approval we will send extra files if you ordered
  7. mixing delivery up to 7 days

Get a free sample

not sure yet ?

send us your song , We’ll master it and send you a vers & chorus sample of it after mastering

NO login NO credit card just 100 % trust so you can listen and decide !

Some of Our partners

plugin alliance
akai pro
Can i trust online mixing and mastering service ?

We understand the concerns an artist can have and that’s why we offer free mastering sample of your song , try us ! with mixing in order to get the sound that you want we recommend sending us a reference song that you love

We have very high percent of recurring customers

How much does it cost to have a song mastered ?

The cost to master a song starts from 50$ per song .

We do have package deals please check out the pricing page  .

Can i skip mastering

After you are done with the production of a song it goes to mixing in order to achieve clarity and good balance between all the instrument and vocals  however the overall loudness and sonic characters are not close to what you hear on the radio and other media streaming services out there and that’s the goal of the mastering process .

Our mastering Engineer

Michael assoulin

audio engineer

Michael assoulin graduate audio engineering and music production at 2001 , since then he mixed and master for the  music and film industry in all major music genre .now mastering at AMPG an online song mastering service .

questions ? feel free to Contact Us