Choose mastering Versions

50.00 $

90.00 $

70.00 $

Additional Master Versions

Additional Mastering for streaming

  • Additional Streaming version
  • this extra valid only if you order mastering for CD/streaming   and you need another version

15.00 $

apple digital masters

Apple Digital Master

  • AMPG mastering Studio is certified to deliver Apple Digital Master.
  • this extra valid only if you order mastering and you want extra version
  • if you want just one master for apple music then select “song mastering “


15.00 $

Mixing prices

16 bit 44.1 khz the standart red book files for CD printing .

mp3 is a compressed file lossy file that means that some of the information was removed it is a lower quality then wave file  however in 320 kb/s  is the highest quality mp3 .

it is the requirements of some of the streaming services .

LUFS stands for Loudness Unit Full Scale basically it is a way to mesure the average level over period of time 

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