AMPG mastering service


online beat mastering

in todays world people love to listen to playlists,
whether it’s on the car with big woofers or on the phone with earbuds.
your beat is allways inline with other producers beats .
if the bass is to loud or too low or the mids are too harsh they will probebly skip your song
and you just missed the one chance you had so make sure to to skip the mastering phase
and send your best to a professional mastering studio

car-stereo system

sounds great on every system

With todays technology and some knodlege you can produce your beat , using realy good polished sounds …most producers have two thing to overcome in this phase one is when it comes to vocals , it wount blend so smooth in the mix the second thing is that the overall level sound great on your system but very low on other systems .

this is why we offer beat mastering service  you send us your vocals with a two track beat and we take it from there .

70.00 $


get the famous ssl sound

We offer our client both ssl 4000 & ssl 9000 sound at your disposal .

the ssl sound is very very  famous  and used by top producers like dr dre it is the favorite sound of many mix engineers .

like Manny Marroquin and michael brower some of the artist that was produce with the ssl are Black Eyed Peas Beyonce’s Jay-Z Justin Timberlake and many more .

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