Online mastering

Here we are going to ask and answer some questions about mastering online .
like is mastering online any good ?
is the free online mastering good enough for radio or streaming ?

well lets start by saying that the free audio mastering services and most subscription based mastering sites uses AI [Artificial intelligence]mastering software
which basically means that a software was feed with some parameters 10 or 1000 doesnt matter for now
and once you upload your song the software will apply some processing to your song according the the AI understanding
the big question is where do you want your song to go ..are you a vocalist that just want to promote yourself ?
maybe sell your composition to artist in other words if it is for demo song then maybe AI online mastering will be enough for you .
a lot of professional mastering engineers was very curious about the quality of online music mastering
so they tested it even paid for the leading online mastering services to get a better understanding about it .
the conclusion is it will get your track louder to some degree but not more than when a person is mastering your song
you can watch videos online and listen to the songs after mastering of AI and real mastering engineer and decide.
my personal take about it is that if you are going on automated mastering then get ozone 9 and do it yourself
you will have the option to tweak the song some more .
we at AMPG mastering give new clients the option to get free mastering sample of their song mastered by audio engineer
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