stems mastering

let us take over from where you left
stems mastering gives us more control over the balance betwwen the tracks of the song
please note this is not mixing we do not add any effects of processing to every track individually
we use the tracks to get the right balance and to produce a better master
if you need mixing please click here .

Your opinion matters

We reccomand that you send us a demo of your mix and a link to a song that you love
we will get your song to sound as close as possible
after mastering we will send you the song and hear your opinion suggestion that you hav

tech & spec

In order that we master the stems propertly we ask to note a few things before sending the files

  • make sure the stems are not clipping
  • peak level should be around -5db or less
  • when export/bounce the tracks stay in the same sample rate that you recorded


90.00 $

questions ? feel free to Contact Us