song mastering

Our studio isn’t only specialized in mixing: we also offer state-of-the-art mastering services that help artists improve the quality of their releases and bring their productions to the next level.


Mastering is one of the most important steps in the chain of music production. However, it is often overlooked or rush, often leading to issues when putting music on streaming platforms, or even releasing it on physical formats such as CD, vinyl records or cassette tapes. This is the reason why we set out to offer professional and reliable

mastering services for artists of all genre. We use premium analog and digital equipment, as well as transparent monitoring in order to make sure to produce the best possible result and achieve clear, beautifully dynamic and loud final masters that will be able to compete with some of the best tracks in the industry.

Our masters will give your songs more warmth and punch, while also enhancing the crisp edge of the sound, making for a more immersive and appealing listening experience overall. This is exactly the kind of step up that will make your music shine. Mastering can make a huge difference in quality, enabling even a bedroom production to stand next to a chart-topping hit recorded at one of the world’s most expensive studios.

Think of mastering as the final step in quality control; a good way to fine-tune the details of your production and straighten out the kinks with a fresh perspective, sot hat your song can sound as good as it possibly can. If you are looking for a quality mastering engineer, look no further!


Our mastering engineer have two gools in mind when working on a song
one is to enhance the vision of the artistand the second one is to make sure that the sonic quality and levels of thesong matches and even exceeds other songs of the playlist
the result of good mastering is that music sounds best

Find out more about our mastering services, and get in touch with us if you want to learn more!

song mastering
EMI TG12345 mastering console

vintage or modern sound

Every genre and every producer have a different flavor
at AMPG mastering we offer different sonic styles that most fits the song
it is best to send us a link to a song that you love and want your master to sound like

mastering the mix

The mix is done and now its time to give your song the finel touch send us the stereo file in wave format at the same bit depth and rate that it was recorded for example if you recorded the song at 24bit 44.1 khz then do not downscale to 16bit contact us with any question


50.00 $

questions ? feel free to Contact Us